Repairs, maintenance and upgrades

Control your capital expenditure and improve your network performance with our repair, maintenance and upgrade service

Occasionally, network products don’t work as well as they should. Whether you’re dealing with a faulty component or a need to upgrade parts of your network to deliver the latest benefits and services to your customers, replacing products can be expensive and time consuming.

Next time you’re faced with a faulty product, why not consider repairing it? If you’re looking to meet evolving market demands, think about upgrading existing components rather than buying new. Upgrading maintains full compatibility with your network while keeping capital expenditure under control.

A service for Technetix and other manufacturers’ products

Technetix offers a comprehensive repair, maintenance and upgrade service for a range of our own in- and out-of-warranty products, and we offer the same service for other manufacturers’ out-of-warranty products. We can also analyse recurring faults and help you solve and prevent them. Our upgrade services cover lasers, bandwidth, gain, potentiometers, diplex filters and more.


  • For a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment, we have the experience and expertise to:

    • Increase the power of your upstream lasers or upgrade your diplexers to support Docsis 3
    • Add ingress control to your return path to increase capacity
    • Repair a wide variety of CATV equipment
  • The main benefits of our service include a reduction in:

    • Total cost of ownership by extending the life of network products
    • Capital expenditure by upgrading rather than renewing
    • Environmental impact through reuse rather than disposal
  • Our centre of excellence in Belgium offers a comprehensive, one stop service for most network products, providing:

    • Rapid turnaround - typically under 28 days excluding transport times with an optional express service
    • Six month warranty on repairs
    • Extensive measurement and test environment
    • Itemised repair reports


To optimise turnaround times and facilitate direct communication with our centre of excellence, we offer a repair, maintenance and upgrade (RMA) portal. Please send your requests via this portal (click the button below to login).

If you are a new user, please email: and request a user ID and password.