Technetix services

Our customers rely on us to supply innovative products and services that help them deliver an optimised broadband service to millions of consumers worldwide. As a complete solutions provider, we not only offer robust network products from the headend to the home, we also offer full supply chain management, testing services and the opportunity to upgrade, maintain or repair parts of your existing network. And we can customise solutions to meet your specific needs.

Supply Chain 940x300

Supply chain and logistics

We offer leading edge products and a full supply chain service, enabling you to focus on your core business

Technetix is at the centre of broadband technology innovation, and through its global reach has established logistics hubs in key locations around the world. Our operations based out of 17 countries including the Netherlands, the UK and the USA, position us to deliver logistics management and a full supply chain service to Europe, North America and Latin America.

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Test Facilities 940x300

Test facilities

Access the latest equipment

Technetix is known in the industry for both the depth and breadth of testing that we undertake to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.
As not every company is able to invest in such a wide range of the latest test equipment, we are now offering customers use of our complete set of testing facilities.

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Test Facilities 940x300

Repairs, maintenance and upgrades

Control your capital expenditure and improve your network performance with our repair, maintenance and upgrade service

Occasionally, network products don’t work as well as they should. Whether you’re dealing with a faulty component or a need to upgrade parts of your network to deliver the latest benefits and services to your customers, replacing products can be expensive and time consuming.

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