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Introducing the Technetix range of Access nodes and amplifiers

Our latest Access nodes and amplifiers are flexible, fully-upgradeable and designed with the future needs of your network firmly in mind.

Their design is based on three important principles:

Maintain – as the products in your existing network become uneconomical to repair or upgrade, we offer replacement products of equal size, power consumption, gain etc. This prevents the need for further associated upgrades.

Upgrade – once you are ready to proactively upgrade your network, our products will provide extra and enhanced functionality such as additional gain, ingress detection, cost efficient monitoring and electronic set-up.

Prepare – to protect your Access platform for the future, our products enable a cost effective, stepped approach to future enhancements such as a transition to a 1.2 GHz forward path or optical upgrades.

The range offers:

  • A platform with up to 1.2 GHz operational bandwidth downstream and 200 MHz upstream
  • Fully manageable, electronically configurable, open standard control protocols (DOCSIS/HMS) for amplifier and optical node
  • Plug and play field upgradeable path to a deep fibre solution, modular gain stages, and pluggable diplex filters for future technical advancements and bandwidth expansions


Access nodes and amplifiers brochure

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